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Frank started doing music at the age 5 when his father Frank Sr. Known as a timbale and conga player from southern California bought him a keyboard and a set of drums, but it wasn't until the age of 13 he discovered his talents as a DJ doing parties and sneaking old records his parents had set him in the direction of producing music shortly after. Frank began making demo tapes with his neighbor and childhood friend Marcus Tufono "Kutfather" and formed a group called "Super Def Creators" doing small shows and keeping the Zulu nation vibe alive things were destined to take off following in the footsteps of Los Angeles based hip hop groups like Ice T, Dr Dre, The Knights Of The Turntables, The Wreckin Cru, and Uncle Jams Army. It was looking good for these teen rap lovers but Marcus Tufono "Kutfather" eventually moved to San Diego and the group parted ways.

In 1985 Frank Contreras then "Dj Rockin Def" met Richard Anaya "Rich Rock" a known battle rapper who claimed to be from the L.A. Dream Team at the time and they formed the well known and first Chicano Rap group Spanish F.L.Y. in 1989, but back in 1985 they were known as M.C. Rich Rock and D.J. Rocking Def, making demo tapes performing at schools and parties they quickly made a name for themselves as Chill Attractions shopping demo tapes with JDC records as well as Macola records,these guys begin to make a name for themselves. On Franks rough journey in the rap industry Spanish F.L.Y. gained major radio play in western United States with there debut album Spanish F.L.Y. "Trust No Man" and sparked a new era in hip-hop deeming Spanish F.L.Y. as the first ever known for their unique Chicano blend of oldies and barrio lowriding music the term "Chicano Rap" was first used to describe there unique style of hip hop, but their success came at a horrible cost losing one member "Danny McCarthy to suicide and with Richard Anaya "Rich Rock" succumbing to drug addiction Frank found himself in the middle of two lives choosing between living for God or doing his own will.

Today 25 years later Frank is doing music which promotes God, life, family values, and christian living, he has also had opportunities to preach and teach behind the pulpit of his home church from time to time. Frank has gained success again by Gods grace having performed with some of the top Gospel hip hop artists in the nation and has produced well over 100 gospel songs including 8 CD's for various artists making music videos, short films, documentaries, as well as several song and video spotlights on radio and television. Frank is thankful for his gifts and talents. His new music is a reflection of his journey.

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